Wreath Medallions

1105G with 2207 1105G with 2208 1102G 1102GA 1102GZ 1102GZ (engrave logo)
1148S 1150S 1111GA 1111GZ 1111G 1103G
1103GA 1103GZ 1145GA 1145GZ 1145G 1117GA
1117GZ 1107GZ 1107GA 1107G 1165GB Custom Design
1120GZ 1120GA 1120G 1119GZ 1119G 1119GA
1127GA 1127G 1127GZ 1177GZ 1177G 1177GA

Holds 2" dia. inserts. Overall size is 2 9/16" dia.

This online catalog represents the most popular items in our product line including; Individual Photo Frames, Team Picture Frames, Sports and Awards Plaques, Medallions, Badges, Plaque Mounts and Deluxe Plate Inserts and Holders. We now manufacture and finish these products at
our facilities in Pacoima, California. We can also work with your idea to customize any product, so, if you don't see what you are looking for
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